The Programme countries’ HEIs will help Partner countries’ HEIs from Region 1 to modernise teaching process through the set-up of modern distance learning platforms and smart classrooms (SMART E-Learning), and development of new pedagogical approaches for usage of Smart EL in teaching of all students, and with special emphasis in teaching of students: with disabilities, from remote and isolated geographic regions, students in regional branches, and students with poor socioeconomic status.

Specific objective of the project are:

  • Increase the percentage of the lectures (or contact hours between a pedagogue and a student, or credits, or learning goals achieved) performed with the use of ICT;
  • Increase the presence of students in lecturing (remotely or in classroom) with the use of ICT;
  • Increase of inclusion of students with special needs into studying programmes of target HEIs;

Setting-up of modern distance learning platforms and smart classrooms will create opportunities for students who are unable to finance travel and accommodation costs, from isolated geographic regions and with disability to attend the lectures from their homes or from branch classrooms remotely. They will be able to participate lecturing, carry out virtual laboratory exercises, listen to the synthesized sound of teaching material, read the subtitles of video lecturing, etc.