6th project meeting


Agenda SMARTEL project meeting Malta 21st – 23rd june 2022 v3


Travel info:

Travel info


Attendance list:

Attendance sheets _ Malta Meeting


Meeting minutes:

Event report – Minutes of 6th meeting v2

Event report – PMB Meeting 6

Event report – SC Meeting No 3


Training of teachers and staff to prepare content:

Approval of Online and Blended Programmes

Digital Education Policies at the University of Malta

Introduction to WISEflow

Moodle uses and benefits



Creating multimedia content: video editing

Accessibility approaches and standards

Rethinking lesson delivery

12 Principles of Multimedia Learning

ADDIE Instructional Design model

Hybrid Learning Spaces – Jun-22

Supporting Digital Education – Jun-22

SMARTEL new ppt template


Training of IT administrators:

Training of IT administrators


Presentations from the PMB and SC meetings: